7 Golden Rules of Design From Kelly Hoppen

When we come home or invite guests, we want to have the comfort and the decor pleasing to the eye.Well, what’s really there, to make our guests said, “Wow, you are great!” And this does not necessarily invite a designer. After all, knowing the basic rules, you can create beautiful, stylish and comfortable interior for yourself.

1. Decide the destination of the room

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The first thing is to understand what you will serve this room. No expensive repairs or furniture will make the home comfortable for living, if its design is poorly laid out. Where to start:

  • Consider your lifestyle and habits of the family, the daily routine and activities.
  • List and write down those facilities that you need. Sometimes just a slight change in layout you can add, for example, a dressing room or office.
  • Think about which areas can be combined (kitchen-dining room, bedroom-dressing room and so on).
  • Draw a floor plan and place it on the furniture to find the best option.

2. Consider the mood and character

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Before settling, consider what mood you want to create in this room and how in it to feel relaxed or energetic. It is important to note – this location will be only for you, or you want to impress guests.

  • Think about colour schemes – neutral or bright.
  • What are the materials and textures – warm and natural, or artificial and smooth surfaces.
  • Use the contrast of scale – that is, large and small items. This will help to avoid monotony and create a stimulating effect. Most importantly, they must unite (shape, color, texture).