In 1960 Jim Sundquist was part of the duo known as the Fendermen, and had a world-wide hit record called "Muleskinner Blues." Like many other musicians, he was constantly exposed to the "nite life" of playing music in bars and clubs. By the time the 80s rolled around, the alcohol and drugs had nearly claimed his life. All that was near and dear to him was gone. His life had become empty and meaningless.

"Road to Heaven" is available, along with the rest of the current Fendermen catalogue, from :

Jim & Sharrie Sundquist
PO Box 6168
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Little did he know that the turning point in his life would be meeting his future wife, Sharrie, who was presenting a gospel meeting for a nursing home. She had spent her entire life in Gospel Music, and would never have met him in the bars he was used to playing in, nor would he have gone into a church to meet her! After meeting her, he decided to commit the rest of his life to God, and within a few weeks, they began writing new songs, songs with meaning and purpose. They were married in the spring of 1991, and have, to date, written over 115 Christian songs. They give God all the credit for this miracle.

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